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How Do I Prepare My Hermitage/Donelson Property For A Storm?

8/25/2021 (Permalink)

At SERVPRO of Hermitage/Donelson, we always advise homeowners and business owners to prepare their properties for the coming winter storm season. It’s wise to be proactive. Extreme weather can lead to power outages, communications disruption, and personal and business property damage. It is not uncommon for snow and ice to occur in our area, and floods are not unusual, either. It’s essential to be prepared for many different severe weather situations during winter here in Middle Tennessee. 

What Are Some Important Tips To Help Me Prepare My Hermitage/Donelson Property For Bad Weather?

  • Windows and doors need to be inspected and appropriately sealed or replaced before storms, and other winter weather conditions occur. You will save on related energy costs and enjoy more excellent safety if you replace old windows and doors with newer, more efficient models. 
  • Before storm season comes to the Hermitage/Donelson area, make sure all dead or unhealthy trees and bushes are trimmed back or removed from your yard. Prune branches that are not stable, and clean up debris that may be cluttering up your premises. Hazardous trees, tree branches, and loose debris can cause significant damage to your property during high winds and ice storms.  
  • When rain falls, or snow melts, the water needs to be able to flow down your rain gutters and away from your roofing. If there is dirt and debris left in your gutters from last spring, the water will pool and begin to back up, possibly damaging the interior walls of your building. Damp within the walls can even lead to mold growth, causing a need for mold remediation in addition to managing the storm damage. A rain gutter full of dirt can also become heavy and pull away from the building, creating another set of issues. 

How Can SERVPRO Help Me Get My Hermitage/Donelson Property Ready For The Winter Storm Season?

SERVPRO of Hermitage/Donselson cares about your safety and wellbeing, and keeping your property in good condition is part of that. We can come and assess your property’s’storm-readiness ahead of seasonal bad weather and make recommendations to help you keep your home or business damage-free. If repairs and cleanup projects are needed, we can handle everything that is required. 

If you need help after an extreme weather event, call us. We manage:

We can get your home or business Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned, as well. 

This franchise is independently owned and operated. 

How Can SERVPRO Help During Flash Flood Warnings In Hermitage/Donelson?

8/9/2021 (Permalink)

According to, many things can cause flash floods, but in most cases, they are due to heavy rainfall from thunderstorms. The intensity of the rain, the location and distribution of the precipitation, land use and topography, vegetation types and growth/density, soil type, and the water content of the soil itself all determine just how quickly the flash flooding may occur.

Where/When Are Flash Floods Most Likely To Occur In Hermitage/Donelson?

Flash floods most likely to occur:

  • When a dam or levee breaks
  • When significant amounts of water are released upstream (such as what happened during the Nashville Flood of 2005)
  • During mudslides (debris flow)
  • When there is heavy rainfall in a metropolitan area, the impervious surfaces in urban areas do not allow water to infiltrate the ground, so water runs off to low spots quickly.

How Can SERVPRO Of Hermitage/Donelson Help After A Flood?

Our highly-trained team here at SERVPRO of Hermitage/Donelson can be onsite right away to help you deal with the aftermath of flooding. We will

  • Assess your property for safety hazards and remediate any issues
  • Identify damage that could be serious, such as structural issues or contaminated water
  • Help document all damage for your records
  • Safely remove moisture and dry the area
  • Work with your insurance representative to ensure coverage is not affected
  • Create a plan for remediation of property, including those items that require specialized care
  • Complete all restoration and construction needed in a timely and professional manner to get you back to normal as soon as possible

For more information on the many ways SERVPRO of Hermitage/Donelson is committed to assisting our friends and neighbors in the Nashville area when the worst happens, visit our website. In addition to managing storm damage, specialized cleaning services, and more!

We can get your home or business Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned.

This franchise is Independently Owned and Operated. 

What To Do While Waiting For SERVPRO To Arrive

6/21/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO is committed to being on-site right away if you have experienced a disaster of any kind. Our motto is that we are “Faster to any-sized disaster!” We’re committed to ensuring that you and those you work with and care about are safe, as well as that you experience the least amount of loss possible to your premises, buildings, and belongings. 

Steps To Take While Our SERVPRO Team Is On The Way

While you are waiting for us to arrive on the scene, there are some things you will probably want to do. 

  • You will, of course, have already made sure everyone is safe. If you have had to call an ambulance for an injury, keep the person warm and dry to guard against shock, and provide any first aid, you feel comfortable giving. 
  • Contacting your insurance provider is an excellent next step. Take photos and videos of damage so that you have a record of what has occurred as long as you can do this safely. If your insurance policy is accessible and you have time, go over it to understand what your coverage is and what requirements you may need to fulfill. 
  • If any of the utilities in your home or business have been affected, contact the appropriate utility company so that they can come out and do whatever needs to be done to get your services back online. They will also know what to look for as far as safety issues and equipment failure. 
  • If your business has been affected, you’ll want to take steps to alert your clientele and business partners of what has occurred. If you cannot use your social media to make a statement, you can make some phone calls to the businesses you interact with to stop deliveries, for example. 


SERVPRO of Hermitage/Donelson is a team of professionals that maintain all the up-to-date training and equipment needed to get you back to normal as soon as possible. We manage fire damage, water damage, mold prevention and remediation, damage from vandalism, biohazards, and more. Ask us how we can get your home or business Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned, too! This franchise is independently owned and operated. 

Checking Your Home For Storm Damage

4/26/2021 (Permalink)

Here in Middle Tennessee, springtime can be pretty wild weather-wise. From heavy rains and high winds to hail, lightning, and tornadoes, you never really know what to expect. Your home can wind up in the path of destruction, too - and even if you experience only minor damage from bad weather, these damages can cause long-term problems that will be costly if left unrepaired.

Assessing the damage right when it happens will allow you to get repairs completed quickly. Even if you think your home suffered little-to-no damage during a storm, it’s important to run through a checklist for problems. 

Here’s a helpful list you can use when checking your home for storm damage:


Tree branches and other debris left on your roof can indicate larger impacts have occurred during the storm. Water may have leaked in through holes created by such events.  

Scan the roof in as much detail as possible; see if any shingles are missing or if they have slipped during the storm. Cracked shingles are another sign of weather damage to your home and could indicate a larger impact from debris. 


If you see any clear damp patches either outside or inside your home, that means water has gotten into them. It can take some time for exterior walls to dry out after a storm, so make sure to check them over several days.

A classic sign of storm damage in a wall is a spider-web pattern of cracks that radiate out from a central point. This indicates a serious impact has occurred on the exterior wall that may have affected cavity foam insulation. Smaller signs of damage include chipped paint or plaster, or minor holes in the stucco exterior.


Small cracks, glass panes that are loose, or even damaged window frames can all lead to much larger problems, and signs of water inside your windows indicate a small leak that could be a problem. Check also for damage caused by flying debris or high winds to your window frames.


When you’re checking your property after a storm, look over any outbuildings and fences. Check for signs of water damage, such as dampness or water pooling, as well as any indications of impact damage. Take a walk around your perimeter fencing and make note of any damaged or missing panels or of damaged posts that will need to be replaced to secure your boundary. 

SERVPRO of Hermitage/Donelson is here to help area homeowners with any damage due to seasonal storms. If you have experienced water damage, storm damage, or fire damage, or if you need help with a biohazard situation, a mold infestation, or vandalism, remember that we can be onsite right away, with all the tools and skills needed to get you back to normal as soon as possible. We can get your home or business Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned, too. This franchise is independently owned and operated.

Preparing Your Home For Spring Storms

3/12/2021 (Permalink)

Daffodils and tulips are showing up here in Middle Tennessee, and that’s a sure sign that Spring is here. We’re all glad to leave the cold of winter behind, of course, but Spring brings its weather challenges, such as rainstorms. With a little preparation, you can be ready for whatever happens, and we’ve got some ideas for you to help you prepare your home for Spring storms: 


Keep an eye out for the following things and make the necessary repairs ahead of bad weather:

  • Loose or missing shingles
  • Siding that is not firmly in place
  • Tree branches or weak vegetation that could damage your home in high winds
  • Sheds or gazebos that are not bolted securely to their foundation
  • Loose patio furniture and décor not secured; these items should be stored ahead of stormy weather
  • Gutters and downspouts that are not firmly attached
  • Shutters that are not secured
  • Weak fencing 


Clean gutters and downspouts keep water run-off away from your home and help prevent flooding. Be sure to:

  • Follow all ladder safety precautions and have a spotter there to help
  • Wear gloves and use tools to pull out debris
  • Lay down a tarp to help with removing debris
  • Force water through downspouts to make sure they’re clean
  • Hire a professional contractor if this kind of project is not something you can complete yourself


Get together with your family and go over what to do if there is a severe storm. Things to consider for your storm safety plan:

  • Choose the safest place to shelter in your home for a storm
  • Create a communication plan for times when you’re not together
  • Learn escape routes in case there’s an evacuation
  • Decide how your pets will be included in the safety plan
  • If you’re bringing supplies into the safe area, predetermine who is responsible for what


Take these steps so you’re prepared if the power goes out in your area for an extended period:

Address any family medical concerns that rely on consistent power:

  • Talk to your medical professional for direction as to alternatives during a power outage
  • Share concerns with your power company so they can put you on their priority list


  • Test your generator to be sure it’s in good working order
  • Plug all your electronics into surge protectors just in case there’s a power surge when your power is being restored
  • Charge your phones and any other electronic devices; cordless charges might be a good idea to have on hand
  • Fill the car and generator gas cans with fuel, and purchase non-perishable foods ahead of time

We are here to help, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in case of any emergency or accident. SERVPRO of Hermitage/Donelson has all the skills and equipment necessary to help with water damage, fire damage, vandalism, mold and mildew, and more. Call us if you need help getting prepared ahead of Spring storms. We can get your home or business Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned, too! Just ask us how. This franchise is independently owned and operated.

What To Do In Case Of A Flood In Your Home

1/26/2021 (Permalink)

If your home has been flooded, there are some specific things that you can do to help you get back to normal as soon as possible, especially if the levels of flooding are not severe. If the flooding is severe, your friends here at SERVPRO are here to help! 

Here are some steps to take in case of a flood in your home: 


Evacuate everyone from the premises as soon as it is obvious a flooding event is happening. Find a dry, safe spot away from the house where everyone can wait until it is safe to return home. If flooding is caused by a natural disaster, stay connected by listening to the local news or emergency broadcasts; these will help you to find a temporary shelter. If you need help getting to shelter, you can contact area authorities for assistance or if anyone needs medical attention.


If the flood is not from a natural event you should attempt to find the source of the flood and stop it by turning off any faucet or sealing up holes in piping or hoses; turning off the main water valve may also solve the issue, at least temporarily. 


Turn off the electricity, but do not attempt to reach the fuse box if you have to walk through water to reach it. Call an electrician if the fuse box is inaccessible. 


Document all the damage by taking photos and videos of all the affected areas. This information will be necessary for insurance purposes if you need to file a claim.

Clean-up safety tips:


Do not touch the water without the proper equipment, as it may be contaminated with sewage or other hazardous material. If you have to enter the establishment, wear waders or waterproof boots. 


Do not eat any food that has been contaminated by floodwater.


If the water damage is not too bad, dry the space out with fans and dehumidifiers, but do not plug in electrical devices unless you are sure it is safe. All standing water needs to be removed from the area before this step. Open any windows and doors to let fresh, dry air in and circulate.


Your property needs to be as dry as possible to prevent mold spores from growing. Once a mold colony gets established it is not possible to remove it completely. Keep the affected areas as dry as possible and treat them with a strong cleaner, such as a bleach solution. 

Here at SERVPRO of Hermitage/Donelson, we are experts when it comes to water damage repair and restoration, and we are mold prevention and remediation pros, too; we are always prepared and ready to come help in the event of any kind of disaster or accident, no matter the size. We can get your home or business Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned, as well. This franchise is independently owned and operated.

The Dangers Of High Winds And Snow To Your Business

12/17/2020 (Permalink)

Any type of severe weather can potentially create problems for your business, and with winter just around the corner that is something to keep in mind. High winds and snow can cause damages that slow down or stop your production, ruin materials and goods, or put your workforce in danger - or all three! - so it’s a smart business move to be informed and prepared when it comes to any seasonal weather challenges. Wind, rain, snow, and cold can each affect the condition of your building and can also harm the actual structure. Below we will discuss the dangers of high winds and snow to your business:


Wind causes two conditions - uplift and racking. Uplift happens when fast-moving wind creates a low-pressure area on the leeward slope of your roof, walls, and inside the building. The inside pressure can then push structural components outwards, causing damage. Racking occurs when high winds don’t hit your building squarely; the framing will most often withstand this force but extremely high winds can tear shingles off of the roof. High winds can also drive rain up under the shingles, vertical siding, frames of windows and doors, and the roof itself. Properly installed construction materials that are well-maintained can help you to avoid damage of this kind, but if you experience destruction of your property, SERVPRO is here to help.


When a building is first designed, the amount of snowfall it may have to handle is taken into consideration. Snow is light as it falls, but its accumulation can add up to lots of weight. Light, dry snow will weigh between ten and fifteen pounds per cubic foot, while wet snow is much heavier; it can weigh forty or fifty pounds per cubic foot. In areas of the country where lots of snowfall is seen, roofs are designed to handle as much as four hundred pounds per square foot - the equivalent of six feet of water! Buildings are designed to withstand the weight of snow so that you don’t have to worry about sagging, cracking, and collapsing roofs in your business. 

Any time you experience damages from extreme weather, you can always count on SERVPRO of Hermitage/Donelson to help. We have a great team, well-trained and highly-skilled, ready to help you any time to get back to work. We handle water damage, fire damage, and mold prevention/remediation, too.

Preparing For Winter Storms In Nashville

10/27/2020 (Permalink)

Ensuring that your home or business is prepared ahead of winter storms in Nashville is a smart move, both from a safety perspective and financially, as well. Both the exterior of your home or business and the surrounding landscaping need to be ready for the cold winds, snow, and ice that winter can bring. Being well-prepared will mean lower energy costs and increased efficiency of your appliances that will ensure that your loved ones, friends, and clientele are safe even during the worst of it.

Here are some things to think about as you are preparing for winter storms in Nashville: 

Windows/Doors. The windows and doors of your property are always going to be vulnerable during heavy weather of any kind, and winter is no exception, so this is a great place to start your winter storm preparation. Some steps you can take are:

  • Check all weatherstripping and replace damaged items to keep your interiors well-insulated against the cold. 
  • Replace doors and windows with storm-proof versions for protection. 
  • Repair or replace wooden window frames if signs of rot or decay are evident. 
  • Caulk windows and doors inside and out to be sure there will be no drafts. 

Trees/Shrubbery. This is an important area to consider ahead of bad weather; ice and high winds can turn any weak or dead branches into debris that can cause damage:

  • Trim back all overgrown branches away from any building and its electrical wires. This guards against loss of power or property damage caused by icy or wind-blown branches during winter storm conditions. 
  • Clean and dry deck/patio furniture and use a heavy covering if it is stored outdoors. You may want to store items like this indoors ahead of high winds for safety. 
  • All outdoor pipes, valves, and sprinkler heads need to be drained and stored in a safe place to keep them in good shape for spring.  
  • Look for decay, insect damage, or splintering in your deck to prevent further deterioration, and clean away leaves and dirt from between the boards so that mold has nowhere to establish itself.

HVAC/Fireplaces. Your heating systems will need to be in the best condition possible when preparing for winter storms in Nashville:

  • Inspect your fireplace, chimney, and flue system: they need to be clean of soot or creosote and free of cracks that could cause a fire hazard. If you find a cold draft even when the damper is closed, the damper itself may be warped, worn, or rusted, and you will want to fix this issue before winter storms. 
  • Clean or replace the air filter in your furnace for maximum efficiency and improved indoor air quality.
  • If you have an older thermostat, consider replacing it with a programmable unit; this can often bring pretty large savings in energy costs during cold weather. 
  • Make sure fans are switched to the reverse or clockwise position, which will blow warm air down to the floor for enhanced energy efficiency and comfort. 

The team here at SERVPRO of Hermitage/Donelson is always here to lend a hand if you need help preparing your home or business for winter storms here in Nashville. We’re experts when it comes to recovery and repair from damage due to flooding, extreme weather, fire, or accidents, and our team has the expertise and skills necessary to complete all your projects quickly and professionally. Ask us how we can get your home or business Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned!

Preparing For Fall Storms

9/8/2020 (Permalink)

Getting your home ready for the colder temperatures and stormy weather conditions of fall is smart, whether you are a homeowner, a business owner, or both. Weather may be unpredictable during the fall here in Middle Tennessee, but you won’t have to worry about it if you prepare now. Here at SERVPRO of Hermitage/ Donelson, we have some preparation projects for you to consider:

  • Remove dead leaves and debris from your gutters and drainpipes. This will prevent clogging during wetter weather. Drain all outdoor faucets ahead of freezing weather now, as well. 
  • While late summer is not the time to heavily prune trees and bushes, it is a good time to remove any branches that are dead or look like they could prove dangerous during a fall storm. If you have a tree that you think may be dead or dying, contact an arborist to come and take a look at it. If it is actually dead and near your house, you will want to have it removed before anything happens during a fall storm. 
  • Examine all your windows and doors for cracks. If you find any, have them sealed now so that you can stay warm and save energy this fall and winter. You’ll be saving both time and money here!
  • A roof inspection ahead of colder weather will tell you if your roofing needs any attention before fall storms. Loose shingles can be replaced more easily when it’s warm and dry outside. If you have siding on your home, look it over well for any loose sections; fall storms bring wind that can create problems here. 
  • Make sure your entrance walkways are in good shape with no buckling or crumbling. When the surrounding ground is wet it can compromise cement, causing it to crack and split, and that’s an accident just waiting to happen. 

If you need help with the job of preparing your home for the upcoming stormy season, just call the professional team here at SERVPRO of Hermitage/Donelson. We have the experience and skills needed to take care of your property and belongings to keep them safe. We can get your home or business Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned, too!

How Often Should I Replace My Roof?

7/21/2020 (Permalink)

When it comes to knowing how often you should replace your roof, there really isn’t any hard and fast rule. You have to keep an eye on its condition to be able to tell if you need to start thinking about it. If your roof is showing signs of damage, that could lead to major water or storm damage to the rest of your home. Today, we here at SERVPRO of Hermitage/Donelson are going to share a few potential issues your roof may develop; any one of these may mean it’s time to replace your roof. 


An asphalt shingle roof should last between 20 and 30 years, so if you have a 40-year-old roof, just keep in mind that you will probably need to replace it entirely in the next 1-5 years.


Shingles can curl in two ways: by “cupping,” which happens when the edges of the shingles turn upward; and “clawing,” which is when the edges stay flat and the middle starts to come up. Both are signs of weathering and indicate that potential leaks may possibly be developing, depending on the extent. Every homeowner finds themselves replacing a missing shingle, but it can be just about impossible to get a new shingle to match the color of an old one. Granule colors have changed pretty significantly over the years, and shingle colors often change with years of weathering. If your roof is starting to look like a patchwork quilt, you may want to consider replacing it soon. 


Cracked shingles are typically caused by wind damage, and if the damage is extensive and not isolated to just one area, you should start thinking about replacing your roof within the next few years. 

Algae Or Moss

This is not a big deal when it shows up on your roof, but it doesn’t give your home or business a great look. You don’t want to take matters into your own hands by power washing or scraping it away since that will often chip off all the protective granules and essentially render your shingles useless. You can use a wash that's one part bleach and one part water to remove algae or moss, and if you do decide to replace your roof, consider tiles that are algae-resistant.


This issue is pretty obvious: if light can get in through your roof, so can rain. If you see any water stains during the next rainfalls, and if they spread or expand, you have an active leak, and it is time to contact SERVPRO of Hermitage/ Donelson immediately to help remediate the water damage and potential mold growth.


A sagging roof is typically an indication of a structural issue and demands immediate attention. There could be a problem with the decking in the attic or with the supports in the foundation, which is even worse. You're not necessarily in imminent danger, but this is the kind of thing that's a lot easier to take care of when it's small and localized, so call your roofing professionals right away for this roofing issue. 

When it comes to replacing your roof, there is no hard and fast rule. If you are experiencing water damage, it is probably time. remember that SERVPRO of Hermitage/Donelson is here to help if you are dealing with water damage, fire damage, or a mold infestation. We are committed to getting your business Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned!

Preparing Your Yard For Storm Damage

6/9/2020 (Permalink)

We advise homeowners to prepare their homes and property for storm season, whether it’s winter or summer. Extreme weather can lead to power outages and disruption of communications, as well as damage to personal and business property and belongings. Flooding and debris can make a mess of your property, and your yard is no exception.

Here are some essential safety tips to help you prepare your yard for storm damage:

  • Walkways. In advance of a storm, it would be wise to make sure that all walkways allowing you free access to the buildings on your property are in good repair and that they can withstand excessive amounts of water that may come from a summer storm. If you can’t safely walk to your house or your outbuildings, injuries and accidents can happen to you and those you love.
  • Furniture. When you receive warning of bad weather, secure all patio or deck furniture, or move the items indoors. If the winds get extremely high they could end up becoming dangerous as they are blown about.
  • Fencing. Inspect your fencing and gates to ensure that they are in good condition. High winds and flying debris can knock even the strongest fence over, and that creates a lot of work for you after the storm is over.
  • Drainage. Make sure that you have good drainage in your yard. Standing water can create issues all by itself, such as mosquitoes, sinkholes, and other hazards.
  • Landscaping. Before storm season comes, make sure all dead or unhealthy trees and bushes are trimmed back or removed. Cut away branches that are not stable, and clean up those items that may be littering your premises. Flying tree branches and other debris can cause major damages to your property when a storm hits.

Our team SERVPRO of Hermitage/Donelson truly cares about your safety and the safety of your loved ones and your property. If you need help after an extreme weather event, call us. We are experts in repair caused by water damage and fire damage, and we specialize in mold prevention and remediation.

How To Handle Storm Damage Before Professional Help Arrives

4/21/2020 (Permalink)

A heavy storm, hurricane, or tornado may mean you have some serious damage to deal with, and that can be difficult if you have to tackle it by yourself. Today we are sharing some tips that will help you manage storm damages before the professionals arrive. 


  • Listen to your radio or local news station to hear all the updates and advisories that will be aired for your area. Don’t go outside until instructed that it is safe to do so, and when you do venture out, make sure you stay away from downed power lines and any metal objects nearby. 
  • Standing water isn’t safe to go into, so don’t wade into these areas. Damaged trees with dangling or broken limbs also need to be avoided. 
  • Once you know that your own family members and loved ones are okay, be sure to check on your neighbors, especially the elderly or disabled. 
  • Turn your gas off if you can smell it, and avoid using candles or any other open flames indoors. 
  • Make sure your sewer system is working before using any sinks or toilets and be careful when consuming any perishable foods. If these foods have been warmed up over 40 degrees, discard. 
  • Keep your pets indoors, and use leashes if they must go out. 
  • Watch out for snakes and other wild creatures; they will be disturbed due to the wild weather and may be more aggressive than normal. 
  • Don’t attempt to drive unless you absolutely have to, and watch out for damaged bridges and undermined roadways. 


  • When climbing ladders, working on your damaged roof or using machinery like chainsaws to cut away tree branches, etc., use extreme caution. 
  • If your roof is damaged to the point of allowing more water indoors, cover it before more rain comes into your area. Open windows and run fans if your interior has suffered water damage.


  • Make sure you document all the damage to your home by video or photographs and compile the most complete list possible of all damaged items before you clean up.  
  • Your homeowner’s insurance policy should be read thoroughly so that you know what is and what is not covered before you ever contact the company. If you have trouble getting in touch with them, use any means available, such as phone, email, fax, and even letters. 


  • For the bigger jobs, it is probably going to be necessary to call a professional restoration company. 
  • Check with your insurance representative before hiring a contractor, and avoid those companies that go door-to-door after a storm to drum up business.
  • Contact your local homebuilder’s association to obtain recommendations for reputable contractors. 
  • Get more than one written bid, and make sure you understand what each bid includes. Be patient with reputable contractors after a storm, as they may be overwhelmed with projects. They will get to you as soon as possible!

If your home and property have suffered damage from storms or other extreme weather and you decide you need the help of some professionals, the team here at SERVPRO of Hermitage/Donelson is here to help! We have the skills, experience, and tools necessary to get you back to normal as soon as possible.

Spring Storm Damage Prevention Tips

2/25/2020 (Permalink)

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to protect your business from damages and injuries that could potentially happen from damage due to bad storms. Although storms are difficult to predict, you can never be too safe when it comes to protecting your business. We have a few tips to ensure you are taking all preventive measures possible in order to take proper care of your business. Here are just a couple ways to prevent damages and ensure your employees are safe and your business avoids costly damages. 

Check the state of your business before any weather damage hits. The state of your business prior to any potential storms needs to be thoroughly assessed and documented. 

When filing insurance claims, it is necessary to have before and after pictures of your property.

Inspect the roof. Roofs can leak and potentially cause water damage to your business. In order to avoid this, your roof should be in the best shape and without any issues. Make sure there aren’t any shingles that could cause water to leak through your roof and into your business. It is also important to inspect your ceilings for any discoloration that could also potentially cause water damage.

Inspect your gutters. Clean your gutters consistently throughout the year to prevent them from getting clocked and adding cracks to your foundation. Gutters are designed to keep water away from your property, so it is necessary to ensure the gutters are working properly. If there are cracks in your foundation, water could leak in and cause flooding in your business.

Check the property for potential debris. High winds can cause debris to fly and cause damage. Look around your business for trees that have the potential to fall and threaten your property. If you see any trees that pose a threat, consider seeking assistance in order to help you eliminate them.

SERVPRO of Hermitage/Donelson understands that sometimes things happen, and even with all proper precautions storm damage can still affect your business. If you or your business have experienced damage from a storm, contact us to help you repair the damages. You can reach SERVPRO of Hermitage/Donelson at (615) 885-3906!

Storm-Proofing Your Garage

2/4/2020 (Permalink)

In order to protect your home as a whole, it is important to stormproof your garage. Doing so can protect your family and home from dangerous winds and weather damages. If the garage is left unprotected, it is much more likely that there will be expensive damages. Here are just a few tips in order to help you get started on storm-proofing the garage. If you would prefer to leave it up to the professionals, contact SERVPRO of Hermitage/Donelson for help! 

Maintain the garage door.

The door of your garage is the most susceptible to damage, and storm-proofing should begin with ensuring you have a strong and sturdy door. When it’s time to replace the garage door, look into purchasing a more wind resistant door. It is also important to consistently check your garage door for holes and cracks, and seal them in order for your garage to stay protected. It is also recommended to install a bracing system to the door. Braces anchor the door to the floor, walls, and hinges, adding support and wind resistance. This can be done yourself if you do well with tools, or you can hire a professional to do this.

Stormproof the windows.

It is suggested to remove windows in the garage if you are concerned about storms, but that may not always be an option. If you have any windows in your garage, you want to make sure the glass is impact resistant. It is also important to install outside window protection that can be locked and protected from impact and storm remnants.

Protect the garage from flooding.

Lastly, your garage could be damaged by water buildup after a storm. Water damage can always negatively impact your garage, potentially causing mold and health problems. In order to prevent flood damage after a storm,  you can install a trench drain outside your garage. This creates a channel for water to flow through in order to avoid the overflow of water in street gutters, causing water damage to your property. You may also install flood vents, which allow water to flow through your garage easily, so it doesn’t put pressure on your foundation.

These are just a few tips to begin storm-proofing your garage. If you are concerned about your garage or would prefer assistance in any of these areas, our team of highly trained professionals at SERVPRO of Hermitage/Donelson is always happy to help! Reach out to us at (615) 885-3906, or get assistance online!