What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

When I turned around there was black rolling smoke coming from my kitchen. Then I saw the roaring grease fire. I got a thick towel and threw over the flame and started throwing water on the towel, the fire went out. In the meantime, smoke went all over the house. My insurance called in SERVPRO. This happened 10-9-2020. I have been back in my home for over a week. You would not know. There had been a fire if I didn't tell you. The name SERVPRO is just what they are. I would recommend them to everyone who had this problem!

All of the folks with SERVPRO have been outstanding. So glad we have gone with them, I think they are great!

Very, very efficient. Had answers to all of my questions.

Courteous and professional.

They have been awesome for all of our needs. So appreciative.

I want to commend all of your people who recently worked on my house following a kitchen fire. Mike Robinson and Mike Knight showed the ultimate in professionalism. Mr. Robinson went way above and beyond the call of duty in repairing the lid on a precious piece of china for me. The ladies with whom I spoke on the phone showed the same polite and helpful professionalism. Thank you so much!