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How Do I Check My Hermitage Property For Water Damage?

2/14/2022 (Permalink)

Doing regular inspections of areas in your Hermitage home or business that are most likely to develop water damage will allow you to take care of issues before they can become serious. Damp areas in any building will attract a mold infestation, structural issues, and unsightly conditions. 

What Are The Top Three Areas I Need To Investigate For Water Damage?

  • The bathroom. Most bathrooms are cleaned thoroughly at least once a week, and these times are great for checking for leaks and damp areas. Look in the least traveled spots, such as behind the toilet and under the sink. If there are any leaks in these places, they will need to be fully dried after finding the source and have that repaired first.  
  • The kitchen. This area of the home is used more than any other area in homes besides the bath, and if you have a staff kitchen in your business, that will be just as true. Keep an eye out for spills and leaks and clean them up immediately to ensure that they are not attracting mold spores, which are always in our air. Under the sink and refrigerator are places that can be damaged by water without you noticing, so get out your flashlight and make sure you see every corner clearly.
  • The laundry room. This room, with its large appliances, also has nooks and crannies that are not cleaned as often, and a leak behind the washing machine can create huge issues down the road. Add to that the humidity in the air and you have a recipe for the establishment of a mold colony, buckling floorboards, peeling walls, and more. Enlist help, pull the washer and dryer out from the wall regularly, and make sure the areas behind them are clean, dry, and disinfected. 

Other areas to keep an eye on: hall closets, your garage, and/or basement. 

What Are Three Telltale Signs Of Water Damage In My Hermitage Home Or Business?

There are a few telltale signs that will let you know right away that you have a water damage issue. 

  • One of the most obvious signs to watch for is a visible leak with dripping water. It could also appear as a watermark, where the paint is darker than the surrounding area. Flaking, bubbling, or cracking paint are also signs that you may need to schedule water damage restoration, as is visible mold, which can be light green to dark black in color. 
  • You might smell the signs of water damage long before it becomes visible due to an accompanying mold infestation. Mold has a strong, musty odor which can also irritate sensitive populations, including people with asthma and allergies.
  • A spike in your water usage is another way to know that you have a leak somewhere. If your bill is suddenly much higher without an obvious explanation, start inspecting areas of your home for wet spots, a damp smell, or sounds of running water.

SERVPRO of Hermitage/Donelson is always here to help you with any issues related to water damage in your Hermitage home or business. Large-scale cleanups after flooding and fire are our specialties, and we are mold remediation experts, too. You can contact us any time online or by phone at (615) 488-3774 for help with disasters of all sizes. We will be onsite right away to start your recovery process!

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